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Updated: Sep 2, 2022

Your route to financial freedom could be just one additional side hustle away!

"When I left Barbados, I didn't look back. I wanted to do what I had to do, even if it meant moving to America."- Rihanna

Whenever a mixture of sheer esilience, absolute determination, and unwavering grit is accorded to a human being, a genius is born. But that is rare as a Red Camellia.

However, a Caribbean girl from Barbados unlocked her exceptional abilities and excel in everything that she does. Let's meet Rihanna, the world's newest female billionaire.

Rihanna moved to America as a teenager to pursue a career in music and escape the difficult life she had growing up.

According to Forbes, Rihanna's net worth is currently estimated at $1.7 billion! Making her the richest female musician and second richest female entertainer.

It is a given that Rihanna is a beautiful, dark-skinned, multi-talented black queen, but there is more to her than just pure talent. This lady has got heart!


13 American music awards, 12 Billboard Awards, 9 Grammys, 8 iHeartradio music awards, Rihanna has 234 awards in the bag!

Music of the Sun (2005), A Girl like Me (2006), Good Girl Gone Bad ( 2007) was the first string of Rihanna songs. These songs put her on the world stage, winning numerous awards in the process. "Umbrella" earned her the first grammy award in her music career. Between 2008 and 2009, she had 8 nominations for her song "DVD".

In 2010, her song, "Rude Boy" became the "song of the decade" at the MTV European Awards, phenomenal!

No, it has never been easy. She had to grow up within the walls of a broken home. A home where heart yearned for a subtle peace. Rihanna was determined to snatch herself away from the grip of financial hardship, at a point in time she had to sell hats.

But sprinkle a little resilience and watch your problems grow into life-changing opportunities.

The once bullied little girl is now a Music icon and a successful businesswoman; the founder of a top American beauty company, Fenty Beauty.


As a makeup enthusiast even from a young age, Rihanna watched with keen interest how the royal blackness of her mother would glow with simple makeup. She believes that makeup is a part of her identity, it improves her mood, and enhanced the messages she sends with her music.

Rihanna turned her passion into a full-blown entrepreneurial idea. She recognized an opportunity to make money by doing what she loves.

In 2014, she kick-started the process of bringing Fenty Beauty to life. By 2016, she signed a $10 million deal with LVMH. A year later, Rihanna launched her makeup brand.

Today Fenty beauty boasts of 50 different shades of makeup available in 17 countries around the world. One of the best the world has ever seen.

Robyn Rihanna Fenty, 33, is now a self-made billionaire by simply leveraging the unlimited power of passion.

What Made Rihanna a Billionaire?

1. See Opportunity in Challenges:

Rihanna is passionate about makeup. However, varieties of makeup were not available for her skin color. She struggled to solve that problem for herself and the world around her.

Being her identity, she never liked her color having limited makeup varieties. However, she didn't shrivel her spirit, rather she probed for a way out. She saw the challenge as an opportunity to grow.

When you face a challenge, don't fret. Be positive, and find a way out. Only then could the challenge lead you to greater heights.

2. Quickly Grab Opportunities

Opportunities don't come along very often. When they come, grab them. Rihanna knew that.

She grew up in Barbados, fought through parent issues as a kid, and became the only girl, out of 3, to be taken to America by Evan Rodgers. On getting to America she hit the ground running. In no time, she became a star. She did nothing more than grab opportunities as they came.

No excuses. Today is another day to try again. Open your heart and recognize the opportunities around you. What can you change? What can you make better? How do you get paid to do that?

3. Make time for an extra source of income

Squeeze a development project into your schedule. Work on it step by step.

Instead of solely focusing on her excellent career in music, Rihanna made time to do something else.

An interesting aspect of Rihanna's side hustle is how she completely insulated her brand from her music. She could've used her popular name instead of Fenty, but she didn't want to mix the two in one place.

4. Be Resilient and Determined

Rihanna is the epitome of resilience. No, she was never lucky. On the contrary, she was unlucky. She dealt with being colored, bullying at school and parental problems, and a publicized assault from her ex-partner.

All these only made her tough, determined, and dedicated. A little fire is needed to refine pure gold.

5. Own the Mistakes

Despite a career filled with setbacks, Rihanna never stoop to her mistakes. At every point in time, she picked herself up and own up to moments that aimed to break her.

"How you gon' learn without making mistakes"- Rihanna.


You can make money anywhere. Just like Rihanna, you too can diversify your source of income and build up a wealthy empire.

The distance between you and absolute financial stability can be covered my another stream of income.

All you need is to take your opportunities as they come, trust the process, remain determined, and keep your head up.

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