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Top 14 Side Hustle Ideas

Updated: Sep 3, 2022

For Women of Color: Find your side hustle and start making money!

woman of color multitasking
Woman multitasking

So, have you been searching around for fast ways to make extra money as a black woman? The truth is, side hustle has become so much easier than ever before!

Using your own hands and also your smartphone, you can earn pretty good cash daily.

If big-buck employment seems to be difficult because you're a woman of color, here are side hustle ideas you can use to supplement the little you already have.

14 Side Hustle Ideas for Women of Color

1. Blogging

Are you passionate about pets? What about fitness training, hair, or weddings? Hah! There you go! Blogging is an incredible side hustle idea to earn while writing about what you love. But how do you make money through blogging as a side hustle?

Simple! By incorporating Google Adsense or using any other ads company to display advertisements on your blog. Depending on your option, you can earn based on how often the ads are displayed or when a user clicks. You can also earn through affiliate marketing with your blog.

So, go on, girl, and write on that passion of yours. Remember always to write on what interests your target audience so that they can land on your blog and click the ads.

2. Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is an incredible side hustle any woman can engage while writing about her passions. While blogging about hair or pets, you can embed links to hair or pet products. When a user purchases through your link, you earn a commission! Simple, right? It is. According to PayScale, the average annual affiliate marketing passive income is $51,217. Beat that!

3. Cleaning service

Home and commercial cleaning is a great side hustle if you're up for it. Many people are busy and need someone to keep their homes or business premises clean regularly. You can place banners around your town for them to see. You can also list your cleaning service on sites like and people near your location can get in touch. House cleaners in the US earn about 27,846 on average.

4. Start a gym fitness class

If you're a black woman into fitness, you can help others attain that built body you have. The truth is, other women would want to look like you when they see you. Use it to your advantage. You can either lead a group fitness class at your local gym or in an app like instructor or Udemy (for personal video classes). You can charge per hour.

5. Catering

Catering is a great way to make some extra cash outside your regular 9-to-5. If you have skills like baking or arranging events, you can start your private catering or join a team.

6. Selling handmade products

Are you crafty? Can you paint, draw, sculpt, or make handmade jewelry, bags, or greeting cards? Awesome! Start your side hustle business by marketing your products on Etsy is a community where anyone can buy and sell handmade products. You're unlimited by color.

7. Amazon retail arbitrage

If you love shopping online, you can start a side hustle by buying and then reselling on Amazon. You buy discounted inventory from local stores and then sell it at a profit through the e-commerce website.

The Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) program helps you ship the item to the customer on your behalf. Jessica Larrew makes a nice 6 figure income doing Amazon retail arbitrage. You could, too.

8. Writing email newsletters

Instead of blogging, you can reach people more directly through email newsletters. Sending interesting emails with catchy subject lines is an excellent way to get people to read your content and probably book your services.

If you're into cleaning, go local by sending newsletters to people in your town on how to keep their homes clean. It can also be on skincare, haircare, or self-care. And you can use this way to market your products.

How do you get their emails? By offering them something great (for free) on social media and then requesting their emails. Tricky, right? It works every time! (Winks!)

9. Airbnb

Do you leave your home a lot? Instead of paying rent for an unoccupied home, you can rent out your space on Airbnb to supplement your income.

And women are raking in significant cash through Airbnb, whites and coloreds alike. And I bet other people of color would gladly want to rent your home on their vacation.

10. Pet catering

Honestly, people are busy! And people love dogs! So it's not surprising to see people looking for someone to walk their dog or feed them while they (the busy person) are away for work. You can hop on the bandwagon by joining Rover or other services where you're paid to care for people's pets.

11. Running miscellaneous tasks

If you always have a lot of spare time and are up for running a wide variety of chores for people, you can earn a decent amount of money on sites like TaskRabbit. Create a profile and earn by picking up groceries, decorating, organizing, and cleaning homes, or building IKEA furniture. You could be making anything between 20-30 USD per hour.

12. Teaching a course online

I brushed this on the gym class a bit, but it deserves a section of its own. If you have any skill, you can make a lot of bucks by sharing what you know on Udemy,, Tutor Hub, and Course Hero, among others.

You can create your video course in sections, altogether making an hour and charging up to $100 or more for the course. And the good news is your course remains on the platform indefinitely, meaning you keep earning for the same thing people buy over and over again.

13. Selling used items

Do you still have any use for those clothes and appliances? If not, why keep them in your home when you can make money by selling them at a second-hand price? There are many apps like Poshmark where you can sell clothes and other used items.

14. Interior decoration/event planning

This one is a no-brainer. People love their homes but do not always have the time or know-how to make them the paradise they ought to be. You can market your interior design services on Houzz or Wilio. You can even create your website yourself on WordPress or Wix and sell your services.

Bottom Line

There are so many sides hustles you can dive into to make extra cash in your spare time. It's all about doing what you love so you can enjoy doing it. It makes you independent and can boost your overall self-esteem.

So go on, gurl, and get your Black Girl Magic on!

Woman thinking of a side hustle while drinking coffee
Woman drinking coffee


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