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Hello! Welcome To The Black Girl Initiative

Updated: Sep 5, 2022

You're in the right place!

But what about the black girl?

With us, it is everything about the black girl; from her shoelace up to the sun that shines for her.

Throughout history, the Black Girl has been a part of many groundbreaking discussions, but on our page, she is at the center of it all.

Despite the immense contributions by women of color in shaping up to our society, they are often left in the shadows. It is not until recently that the black girl is given due recognition for her contributions.

Even those that attempt to speak on behalf of the black girl often do so only superficially, leaving out peculiarities, emotions, and several shades of her greatness untold. Such halfway misrepresentation of the black girl led to her being largely misunderstood and underappreciated.

Hence, there is a need for an honest effort to accurately represent the Black Girl with a discernible voice.

And what better voice is there than that of a fellow Black Girl?

A black girl that shares the story, passion, fears, obstacles, and dreams of a girl surrounded by complexities.

With our humble efforts, we set out to uncover the dynamic greatness of the black girl in a world that is in desperate need of her personality.

The Black Girl Initiative also intends to break the stereotypes that prevent the world from experiencing the "black girl magic" as Jamila Woods rightfully described it.

We grew up to uplifting stories about unstoppable black women that continuously defy imposed restrictions.

They provided crucial support in art, science, politics, and entrepreneurship.

They moved, unshackled and untamed.

Through such unwavering willingness to make unconventional sacrifices, black women helped build the world we live in and gave man a chance to step on the moon.

The black girl grew up through her struggle for freedom, justice, and equality. Surviving through the test of time, one moment to another. Through black and white, and all the shades in between. Always ready to give everything to a society that has taken so much away from her.

Michelle Obama, humble as always, attributed her successes as a mother, wife, and public servant to the extraordinary women around her. From their positive impact, she learned what she described as "quiet strength and dignity".

Today, we have seen the miles covered by Michelle because she is constantly fueled by the black girl magic.

The Black Girl Initiative aims to serve black girls from around the world with similar extraordinary influence that Michelle had. Because we could see the difference such a powerful impact could make. But Michelle is just one of the many examples that a single post can't contain.

By tapping into the stories of black women, we will provide an uplifting voice to our audience.

Our content will be creatively tailored to fit the hopeful black girl, with all her beautiful shades of brown. From little daily events to a long-term commitment to success against all odds.

We will recall historical events in light of our modern society to make references and find inspiration from the stories of the giants.

Here is a brief list of some areas our posts will cover.

Areas Our Post will Cover

Entertainment: Without a doubt, black women play a crucial role in the entertainment industry. Bringing their rich cultural heritage into life through movies, music, writing, and all forms of journalism.

Of course, people like Beyoncé, Viola Davies, Oprah, and Kerry Washington, are household names due to their outstanding talent and hard work. There are also several others setting trends and breathing rich culture into entertainment.

Apart from famous superstars, our initiative will objectively shine a light on promising young talents that are taking the entertainment world by storm. Because we just might stumble upon the next Tiffany Haddish.

Business: According to Harvard research, a remarkable 17% of black women are starting or running a business of their own. This is more than white women (10%) and white men (13%). The black girl knows well to stand on her two feet.

Despite the hurdles encountered while starting up, more than half of women-owned businesses are owned by women of color.

Our posts will address current issues encountered by black women in business and provide modern ways to overcome such obstacles. We will also highlight inspiring stories of black girls making waves through creative entrepreneurship.

Sports: Women of color have an outstanding track record in sports, breaking records and setting the bar higher every time. In 2019, Allyson Felix won her 13th gold medal at the world championships. That is more than the fastest man on earth, Hussain Bolt.

Laila Ali retired from boxing with a remarkable record of 24 consecutive wins from 24 fights.

Serena Williams was named America's Greatest Athlete in 2014, and she has remarkably maintained the tempo ever since.

There is no shortage of talented athletes in various sports. The list is long and inspiring.

Our posts on sports will follow early career athletes on their journey to the top. But not only that, we will share the experience of top athletes that have achieved greatness.

Lifestyle: The Black Girl Initiative will look into and share expert tips and advice from relevant lifestyle influencers. This is aimed at providing our audience with simple lifestyle hacks for fashion, beauty, food, travel, and fitness.

However, this is to mention a few. Our contents will largely depend on what is relevant to The Black Girl at a particular time. We will accommodate and react fast to ever-changing demands.

In Conclusion...

The Black Girl Initiative started as a simple idea to provide relevant, uplifting, and creative content about the black girl.

We will carefully choose the right shades as we paint the magnificence that is the black girl.

The Black Girl Initiative has its doors open to all suggestions and criticism as we set out to tell these amazing stories.

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