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An Entrepreneurs Guide to Self-Care: Why Is It Important and How to Practice It

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Today’s work culture glorifies hustling, but we were not meant to work to the limit every day. While hustling is feasible for the short term and can yield positive results, in the long term it is bound to lead to stress and burnout. Furthermore, as an entrepreneur, your dream will be to grow the company over the long term. To help you achieve this, self-care will be paramount. So today, The Black Girl Initiative explores the best self-care strategies for entrepreneurs and the benefits they provide.

Make Time for Exercise

When it comes to the best self-care activities, exercise will always be the go-to option. Even if you decide to walk instead of drive when running errands, that can make a big difference. As reported by Amherst College, 20-30 minutes of daily exercise provides the following benefits:

● Improved cardiovascular health significantly reduces the risk of high blood pressure and heart attacks and promotes good circulation.

● Increased energy because, during exercise, our body works harder to circulate blood and oxygen to all parts of the body. As a result, individuals feel energized not only while exercising but for hours after completion.

● Keeping weight in check in order to reduce the risk of diseases, such as diabetes and stroke, and keep you mentally sharp. Whether you’re planning to maintain or lose weight, exercise is the perfect solution.

Prioritize Sleep

According to CreditLoan, 38.7% of individuals that practiced hustling reported willingly sacrificing sleep to work. This is an alarming trend because sleep is the only time our mind and body can solely focus on recovering the stress it endures daily. Consistently sleeping less than seven hours at night can lead to a host of problems, such as headaches, vision issues, and reduced productivity at work.

Once you start exercising, sleeping early will become easier. A good workout anytime will make you feel more tired than usual at the end of the day. This will result in going to bed early and getting the proper rest that you deserve. If you continue to have problems while trying to sleep early, avoid the intake of caffeine post-afternoon, stop using electronics at least an hour before bedtime, and reduce clutter and bad energy in your bedroom. Clutter causes an increase in anxiety, which can lead to problems sleeping. Remove the clutter and then use a naturopathic remedy to clean and revitalize the energy in your home.

See Your Doctor

Let’s face it: none of us really enjoy those check-ups with our doctor. Still, they’re an excellent way to prevent more serious illnesses, as well as give you some encouragement if you’re on the right track. So make sure you’re ensured, then see your doctor for regular check-ups so you can keep yourself feeling your best. This can be a big help with managing your stress levels, as well.

One handy trick to make those visits a little easier is to digitize your medical records and save them as a single PDF on your device. That way, you’ll have them handy and it’ll be easier to ask any questions you may have. And if you need to update the document or make any changes, consider looking for a PDF editor online to use for free. This tool allows you to add text, sticky notes, highlights, drawings, and more to PDFs.

Take Time to Socialize

Building strong social connections is one of the best ways to develop good mental health. This is especially true for entrepreneurs, as socializing with friends and family can serve as a much-needed break from consistently tackling business-related challenges. Additionally, while starting out, most entrepreneurs work as a one-person team and quickly develop the unhealthy habit of prioritizing work above everything else.

However, the secret to being productive is not working as much as you can each day. Rather, it is maintaining a good work-life balance that results in giving it your all while in the office and then knowing to take a step back and enjoy other activities, such as spending time with family, going to a movie, organizing a get-together, and more.

One way to connect with your family is by cooking together. Safe Smart Family explains that getting the kids involved in cooking can strengthen your relationships and give them practical skills as they grow. Plus, you can talk about and model health eating practices, which can make a big difference in their food decisions throughout their lives.

Establish an LLC

Whether you’re just starting out or running the business for some time, finding the best way to secure the long-term success of the business will be a challenge at the forefront of your mind. This is because, on a daily basis, your business will face various threats of finances, competition, policy changes, and much more, which naturally will lead to stress.

A great option for putting these concerns to rest is to start your own limited liability company and take advantage of the legal protections, tax benefits, and reduced paperwork. If you aren’t sure how to start an LLC, an online formation service can get you set up in minutes.

Take Care of More Than Your Business

Being an entrepreneur is a lot of work, but you cannot let it overtake every aspect of your life. Whether it be starting a fitness routine, sleeping more, or establishing an LLC, each of the above-mentioned strategies will help to significantly reduce stress and regain time for yourself. The result will be a healthier lifestyle, a booming business, and good lifestyle choices that will pay dividends for the foreseeable future.

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