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5 Dating Tips To Meet The Right Person

Updated: Sep 2, 2022

Dating made simple for the everyday woman of color. Here are 5 dating tips to meet the right person.

5 Dating Tips To Meet The Right Person
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Like all your journeys to the most important places, you need to pack well and know your route to a fulfilling relationship.

Love truly is a beautiful thing. When you find it in the right person and at the right time, do take a full dose of it.

But then how do you find it or at least recognize it when it finds you?

We dedicate this post to giving you a heads-up on finding, recognizing, and cherishing the one language that is as old as the Universe itself; love.

Here are a few tips, let's pack your bags real good.

Start From Within

Well, to find love elsewhere, you must first love yourself. Every bit of your shades. By loving yourself, you are attracting external love towards you. This is very important if you are waiting for the right person that is why we made it our number one on the list of the 5 Dating Tips To Meet The Right Person.

Have you read our post on self-love?

Instead of focusing on your future partner to tick a lot of boxes, spend some time ticking your boxes as well. You are a great person, but there is always room for improvement.

Loving, honest, emotionally available, understanding, supportive, and every quality you want in a partner, let it radiate from within you. Be the person you want to see across the table.

Set Your Standards

Yes, set your standards. Although some people see standards as being picky, we believe you deserve to choose what and who suits you.

In fact, setting standards beforehand prevents you from making unnecessary mistakes that ultimately lead you to move from one person to another. As we said, you should pack well and know your routes to avoid making wrong turns. Frustrating and time-consuming turns.

However, be realistic about your standards. Distinguish between what you want and what you need in a partner. Wants are mere wishes and desires that you expect from your partner like social class, humor, appearance, etc.

Whereas, needs are those things that matter to you the most. They are important things that you may not bring yourself to overlook like honesty, emotional support, and mutual understanding. These standards are non-negotiable.

Getting your standards right will give a kind of litmus test to either accept or decline a person.

Be open-minded

We encourage setting standards that your partner should meet; but open your mind.

While you may not bump into someone that fits your standards at once, you may be lucky to get a person that is willing to work to meet up with your standards.

The first impression is cool. Love, at first sight, is cool. But a peaceful, steady relationship that lasts the test of time is cooler.

Give chance for a person to meet your standards; even if they aren't your 'type' at first sight. We find meaningful connections in the strangest places.

Perhaps you don't like someone living in a different city, or a person with a child, or someone with a different level of education. But all these could be adjusted to.

Be open. Be flexible. Be curious.

Ease into it

It is a true saying that great haste makes great waste. Don't rush the connection. Of course, there are times when you meet a person and the spark is almost spontaneous. It is all good if it doesn't end with a boom!

This will help you find someone you can easily enjoy a good conversation with. Within the span of a single conversation, you can tell whether you share similar interests with this person.

Moreover, you can screen for your standards; whether they are met or not. You can go further to find out if this person can make genuine efforts to meet up your non-negotiables.

Let the connection comes naturally like a deep sleep that steals you away into the night.

Take it one step at a time. Be explorative.

Don't Conceal

As you engage your potential partner in chit-chat, say what you want directly and without laying much emphasis on yourself.

No. It is not desperation. You just know what you want and you are getting it.

Do you like flowers sent to you? Say it.

Do you enjoy going out often? Let them know.

Do you like to shut yourself up for a whole day? Tell them.

This and not that. Say everything dear to you and whatnot.

But don't make it only about you. Don't hold back to let your potential partner that you are interested in them (if you are).

The hard-to-get game is old and should be left alone. Don't cost yourself a wonderful person and experience. Be true to yourself.

When there’s no interest, it becomes a one-party affair. And that is a turn-off.

As you state your interests, don't forget to ask them their likes and dislikes. Engage them.

Tip: I prefer to have a long conversation at once rather than talk frequently. What about you?

Tip: I think texts are better. Phone calls can be a bit stressful, don't you think?


Knowing what you want takes you only halfway. You need carefully selected tips to go all the way; along the right way.

We offer tips to help your search for a fulfilling relationship with the right person. These 5 Dating Tips To Meet The Right Person need to be consistently practiced until the right person knocks.


First, you need to start by fixing up what is within to adequately prepare yourself to accommodate another person into your life. But not just any person, rather someone that fits your realistic standards.

However, be flexible on things that are compromisable. Be open-minded, take it one step at a time, and pour out your mind.

Have Fun. Wherever you are, be all there.

5 Dating Tips To Meet The Right Person
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