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Visualize The Rest of 2021

Updated: Sep 5, 2022

Waltz Into 2022 on A High Note!

It is New Year's Eve already!

The decorations are all set; colorful confetti is all over the place. Energy levels are high, everyone is ready to dance the night away. Hopeful voices whispering New Year's resolutions. The countdown is about to begin. The past is about to fade into the sunset.

With arms wide open, you are ready to usher in a refreshing future at sunrise.

BUT what would the next 365 be like? New opportunities? Better health? Financial stability? New skills? Physical fitness? Emotional resilience? Change of environment?

It is POSSIBLE to achieve all your resolutions and even get more than you wish for, if you visualize it.

What then is visualization?

Oftentimes, when we think of visualization, we associate it with fiction, rather than reality. We tend to believe visualization is meant for artists and writers to produce a thought-provoking piece. However, visualization can also influence our reality.

Visualization is a mental process through which we create a mental image of an object, scenario, or idea. Visualization involves the use of many of our senses to form a visual representation in our minds.

You haven't been to Mars, have you?

(Do tell us about it in the comment box if you have.)

But you can visualize yourself walking on the rocky surface of Mars, through its canyons and craters. That's the power of visualization.

Most people, however, focus on the negative events that could happen. This almost always gives us an unwanted outcome.

Our brains are so incredibly wired to help us not only visualize our dreams but also accelerate the process of bringing them to reality.

So, your new year resolution is a few visualization meters away from becoming a reality.

Why You Should Consider Visualization

There are several reasons for you to practice and master this effective process.

Find a few reasons below:

Seeing is believing: Visualization opens your mind's eye. This unlocks the brain's almost supernatural abilities to execute seemingly impossible tasks.

Recruiting the subconscious: Visualization puts your subconscious mind to work. This will let you work absent-mindedly towards your goals, such as during sleep.

The Law of Attraction: It helps you to master the Law of Attraction (see our previous post)

Relaxation: Several Psychologists frequently use the power of visualization to help people get restful relaxation.

Motivation: Many athletes use visualization techniques to find unlimited motivation from within themselves.

Focus: Visualization helps you to channel all your mental capacity to specific goals.

Customized future: Because visualization allows you to take a glimpse at the future, you can easily make tailored adjustments to the present to suit your future target.

How to visualize your way through 2021

To appropriately take advantage of visualization for the rest of the year, and of course for a lifetime, apply the following tips:

Set Specific Goals

It is December 2022, where do you see yourself? That's your goal.

Now allow your mind to create a vivid imagination of you achieving your goal. See yourself celebrating it, who do you want to celebrate it with?

You first have to conceive the idea within your mind, then move onto the next step.

Remind yourself

The most effective way to anchor your mind to your goals is to create some sort of treasure map by:

  1. Writing: Be precise while writing and make sure you can either carry your note along or paste it somewhere you can frequently see it. Go through your notes once or twice a day.

  2. Creating a vision board: Like a treasure map, design a detailed route to your goal. Put it up where your eyes can't miss it, on the mirror, fridge, etc.

  3. Being regular: Regularity prepares your mind to bring forth selected thoughts at specific times. Choose comfortable times to practice visualization.

Practice Affirmation

Verbally repeating your goals helps consolidate information in your mind and gives you focus.

You must've practiced affirmation at least a few times, perhaps subconsciously.

"I can do this task"

"I have got what it takes to nail this interview"

"I can go a few miles farther"

Saying it out loud to yourself improves your confidence, uplifts your spirits, and drowns all doubts.

The dynamic structure of the brain affords us the ability to process, affirmative statements as real facts, and prepare the body to work with these facts.

Hence continuous affirmation will unleash both the mental and physical capacity to achieve a desired goal.

Take A Step

It is great that you are starting early. We are still a few months away from 2022. So, you can take a few steps at a time.

Visualization is not a magical wand that magically lifts the curtain between you and your dreams. It does, however, give you a super-power like ability. But you have to act.

Remember why you need to take this route. With each step you take, recall how much you can achieve within the next year. Remain steadfast.

It is a steady process, the result of which compounds. You don't have to sprint at once, that is exhausting and seldom useful. However, you have to move slow and steady. One step at a time.

To Conclude

Visualization is an effective process that helps you to form mental representations of events, ideas, or objects.

More than just a weapon for fictional writers, visualization could be used to reshape your reality. Many people, athletes especially, use this process to achieve historic success.

With proper guidance and dedication, you too can use the power of visualization to prepare yourself for a memorable year ahead.

To maximize the benefits of visualization, we recommend that you set clear goals, use reminders to familiarize yourself with the goals, continuously reaffirm yourself my making positive statements, and then take decisive action.

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