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Sophisticated Snapshotz

Updated: Sep 5, 2022

Local black owned photography business offering professional services at affordable prices. Service list includes family portraits, senior pictures and more!


In mid-summer of 2008, a couple walked out to enjoy the transient warmth of the sun in Chicago, Illinois.

For the couple, there was nothing more appealing than a quality summertime in the city of Chicago. So they decided to bring a camera along.

They intended to capture warm moments and save them for the long cold season ahead when the blazing sunshine would be missed.

That year, the Great Recession was at its peak, people were tested with one of the most devastating financial crises of our time. But like many great ideas conceived in trying times, a new one was about to blossom.

The Chicago couple found their upturn with the click of a camera.


To their amazement, a single picture captured both the warmth of that summertime and the cold reality of an economic meltdown.

At that moment, the picture captured their minds and ignited an insatiable desire for creative photography. They committed to capture the essence of moments and give them a chance to last forever.

That was how Anthony and his wife Tammy founded Sophisticated Snapshotz, LLC, a simple idea that metamorphosed into a full-blown photography company.


After 8 years of providing state-of-the-art photography in Chicago, Anthony and Tammy decided on a move to Las Vegas.

Yes, Vegas! The Entertainment Capital of the World and second most visited city in the US.

Vegas has no shortage of amazing events that demand photographic coverage. Also, the presence of extraordinary wonders attracted many visitors seeking adventure.

This move only opened up a fresh outlook in the couple's career as a team of professional photographers.

This amazing team founded on love, partnership, and sacrifice has achieved remarkable success.

Fueled by a passion for their art, the couple keeps on incorporating new ideas to perfect their unique skill set.


Sophisticated Snapshotz, LLC started by capturing family portraits of immediate relatives, neighbors, colleagues, and natural phenomena. However, their ever-growing skillset and enthusiasm transformed the company within a short period.

A lot of invitations and requests to cover events started to come in like mid-June rain, fast and steady.


Moments come and pass. But sometimes the nostalgia hits so hard that you would want pieces of great moments to last.

While the brain is simply spectacular in storing memories, a visual clue will aid the consolidation of memorable events.

Besides, words often fail us whenever we attempt to fully describe the dynamic nature of an event. It could be an adventure to a favorite place, tying the knot with your life partner, the last days of school, your pet, or the faces of amazing people around you.

Only pictures could bring out the replica of a moment including even the tiniest of details.

As the old saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words.

Sophisticated Snapshotz, LLC, set out to an endless life to your memories.


With more than a decade worth of experience at our fingertips, we offer the best photography coverage within Las Vegas and neighboring areas.

Although our journey started with the most basic camera, we have evolved over the years. We now employ the latest and most sophisticated technology available to bestow a modern tone to our services.

Hence, our traditional substance is artistically coupled with real-time equipment to deliver superb services for our customers.

Some events and services that Sophisticated Snapshotz, LLC covers include, but are not limited to, the following:

Corporate events: Companies organize memorable events to celebrate reaching milestones, build teamwork, or improve publicity. Whatever the reason, we cover all categories of corporate events including:

  • Conferences

  • Product launches

  • Seminars

  • Networking events

  • Trade shows

  • Business dinners and parties

  • And much more.

Family events: Nothing could replace family gatherings. The best way to save such wonderful events is by having colorful snapshots of them. This way you could even pass the treasured moments onto the next generation with colorful imagery. Invite us to cover

  • Weddings

  • Birthday parties

  • Holiday photos

  • Baby showers

  • Anniversaries

  • Burials

  • And more

Charity events: We are open to working out on the field following our client's every move and ensuring full coverage of charity events. Some charity events that we cover include:

  • Art exhibition

  • Galas

  • Auctions

  • Rallies

  • Benefit concerts

  • Sporting and non-sporting competitions

Others: Indoor and outdoor sporting activities, automobile snapshots, celebrity pictures, fashion parades, school formals, reunions, festivals, etc.

However, this is not an exhaustive list, it has shown several areas that we offer expert service.

Feel free to contact Anthony and Tammy on Facebook and Instagram @snapshotz7 to directly make a specific request.


After recording a massive amount of success in photography, we thought of a new idea that will further provide unlimited opportunities for our customers.

We started Sophisticated Beauty Magazine, which is a monthly release of both print and digital publications.

Sophisticated Beauty Magazine covers several areas that are the most relevant to our audience.

We have dedicated columns for fashion, lifestyle, fitness, love, talent, business, and of course, beauty. It is all about mind, body, and soul.

Many of our favorite snapshots also get featured in our monthly editions of the magazine. Therefore, our willing customers stand a chance to enjoy exceptional publicity.

We enjoy an awesome relationship with our readers that constantly engage with us. Such positive engagement further improved our service and is giving our readership an incredible boost.

In Conclusion…

Tammy and Anthony gave birth to Sophisticated Snapshotz, LLC, a spectacular brand found in the summer of 2008.

Right from their humble start, their core principle was the swift delivery of premium services. Currently, they use advanced technology to deliver services that suit the times we live in.

Sophisticated Snapshot, LLC, provides a state of the art photography for several events including: corporate, private, and charity events

Engage with us now to get high-quality pictures within and close to Las Vegas, Nevada.

Social Media @snapshotz7

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