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Night Affirmation: The Natural Secret to Quality Sleep

Updated: Sep 5, 2022

Getting a more quality and restful sleep is guaranteed with our Natural Secret to Quality Sleep.

Natural Secret to Quality Sleep
Girl on bed

Did you know that about 80% of people aren't getting quality sleep?

Many people aren't intentional with their sleep, so they end up having too little to meet the demands of their body system.

Even though some find themselves in situations that continuously require them to stay awake all night or for most of it, sleep is still not a luxury, it is a necessity.

Sleep is a critical aspect of our lives that determines almost every aspect of our well-being. In fact, several disorders have their root course from a limited or irregular sleeping schedule.

There is strong scientific evidence that insufficient or fragmented sleep can lead to some or all of the following consequences:

  1. Cardiovascular diseases: Including high blood pressure, heart failure, heart attack, irregular heartbeat, etc.

  2. Memory loss: During sleep, the human brain transfers memories from short-term storage to a specialized site for permanent storage. Limited sleep deprives our brain of this ability and consequently, we fail to save memory for a long time.

  3. Cognitive decline: Several neurodegenerative diseases Including Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, and Huntington's.

  4. Metabolic disorders: High blood sugar, obesity, atherosclerosis, etc.

  5. Physical fitness: Sleep recharge and replenish energy storage in the body. There is marked physical deterioration, fatigue, and low performance in sleep-deprived individuals.

People are becoming more aware of the crucial role that sleep plays in their health. This may be the reason many turn to sleep pills.

However, side effects including dizziness, headache, gastrointestinal problems, etc. are associated with taking sleep medications.

A stressed woman
Stressed Woman

How then can I get better sleep?

We are glad you asked.

There are many Natural secrets to Quality Sleep adopted by different people. In the US, for example, 68% of people watch TV to fall asleep. Others read books, play music, or scroll through social media to fall asleep.

However, none of the above methods is as effective as a subtle and positive affirmation before bed. In fact, deep meditation improves sleep by at least 50%.

This makes sense because more than half of people that aren't getting enough sleep reported worry and/or stress as the primary causes of their insufficient sleep.

What is Night Affirmation and How Does it Work?

Affirmation is the act of repeating positive and empowering statements to oneself. This self-help strategy refreshes the mind, body, and soul.

For many years, affirmations were specifically practiced to fuel a person towards completing a task, e.g a marathon, writing a book, delivering a speech, and many more. But recently, affirmation is found to be a natural elixir to enhance the duration and quality of sleep.

After going through the battles of the day; winning and losing some, nothing can replace a restful night. Even the sun lay low to recharge and buckle up for tomorrow.

The state of mind you go to bed with greatly influences the rest of the night, and subsequently, the next day.

Anxiety and stress before bed are more likely to bring nightmares and restlessness, whereas calmness and clarity of mind allow you to sleep like a baby, figuratively.

Consider the following few tips before starting your night affirmation;

Be positive: Start by listing the negative things that surround you. Say, for example, your boss is hard to please. Follow your negative list and convert them to positive and liberating statements, for example, "I put in daily effort in my work and achieve greatness every day".

Be realistic: While we encourage you to take a step towards the seemingly impossible, it is best to engage your mind with possibilities that will easily consume your mind. An exaggerated affirmation can quickly tire out your mind.

Be regular: Find the time and duration that best works for you and stick to that. Train your mind to be consistent.

Be present: Address yourself in the first person and present tense. We will state many examples later in this post.

Visualize: Let your brain create a virtual reality of your statements. Open your mind's eye.

Be at ease: Choose the most comfortable place for you, be it in front of a mirror, on the bed, or in a particular corner of your room.

Listen: Ask a friend or someone you are comfortable with to say the statements to you directly.

A positive affirmation
Yes you can do it
  1. That was a great day, and tomorrow can wait.

  2. Today I have been the best person I could be, and I did the best I could.

  3. I am a woman of peace. I preach it, I give it, and I keep it.

  4. My mind is at peace knowing I have given my best, and I will do even better if I sleep well.

  5. With or without permission from the world, I am closing for the day. Let the world come back tomorrow.

  6. Look at that, the sun has gone to rest. I will try again tomorrow.

  7. I will let this restful night wash away the tiredness of today.

  8. It is the little things that matter, I have a lot of little things that I am grateful for.

  9. I don't have control over all things. So, like a bird set free, I will free myself into the night.

  10. This is my safe space. This is my Queendom. The only rule here is that there is no rule.

To Conclude

Women, due to their sacrificial nature, suffer from insufficient or fragmented sleep at every stage of their lives.

Although there are many therapeutic interventions to enhance sleep, most medications are associated with adverse side effects. But there is a natural elixir that improves the quality and duration of sleep.

Night affirmation is a self-help procedure that enhances sleep and refreshes the mind. By regularly practicing affirmation before going to sleep, you will increase your productivity and improve your wellness.

P.S. We do hope you sleep well...because you matter.

Picture of night time sky
A beautiful night sky

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