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Updated: Sep 5, 2022

“Is solace anywhere more comforting than that in the arms of a sister. ” — Alice Walker

Sistahood Society of Southern Nevada (SistaSOSN) is an interwoven connection of open arms, beautifully created to provide the warmth, solace, and comfort of a thousand hugs.

What started as a friendly conversation between neighbors sparked an insatiable interest in building up a stronger and wider network of women; for women.

That was how the Sisterhood Society of Southern Nevada was founded, a queendom with a garden full of love.

SistaSOSN is a 501(c)(3) charity nonprofit organization that provides critical programs & services for women and girls through different stages of life. SistaSoSN provides a supportive role in education, job placement, motherhood, life skills, financial literacy, health, and wellness.

This incredible community continuously develops fresh ideas and programs that are designed to help girls and women overcome challenges on their way to the top.

The sista-circle does not only focus on external success, it is a safe space for women to heal from hard times and gain a fresh outlook


In April 2020, the pandemic was already unleashing its devastating effects. Those were hard times, and to get by the hard times a lot of support was needed. The

SistaSoSN started as a private Facebook group to inspire good female energy.

A lot of women with diverse backgrounds and stories joined the safe space. An open, yet warm, space where they can engage in deep conversations, find lifetime friendships, share experiences, make influential connections, experience good vibes, and enjoy endless love. The group turned into a loving home away from home.

After seeing the impact that SistaSoSN was making on Facebook, a proposal was made to develop it into a bigger community of diverse women unified by a main goal, sisterhood.


The SistaSoSN community fills various gaps and inequalities of our society. The community helps females through various phases of life including:

Healing from the past: The SistaSoSN aims to provide effective healing for girls and women that have gone, or going, through rough patches. The SistaSoSN has gone further to provide measures to reduce and prevent women and girls from falling into unwanted situations within and outside their homes.

Leaving it all behind: After healing from the past, the community carefully helps women to transition through the tunnel and into the light. With many women from different areas of life, you are likely to find some who share and understand your experience. Tapping from diverse thoughts and honest opinions, it is easier to prepare for the future.

Empowered for the future: With SistaSoSN, it is all about positivity and a refreshing outlook. Embracing the hopeful new and letting go of the hurtful old. The primary goal of this community is to empower women and young girls to live their true purpose of life.


The SistaSoSN reach specifically targets pre-teen and teenage girls, and women. The sista-circle is for those that need programs, mentoring and services that will assist them with life’s necessities, getting ahead, and staying focused.

For pre-teens

The community reaches out to girls in their first contact with the realities of life. SistaSoSN provides a prevention-based approach to educate and prepare girls in all ramifications.

For the teens

Often ignored and misunderstood, perhaps, the teen girl has the most complex obstacles. In such a transitional age, she is either prepared to make it or ignored to break it. The Sistahood focuses on their complexities and provides wholesome mentoring to shape their pursuit for a stable future.

For at-risk girls

SistaSoSN focuses on young girls that are in distressed situations and prone to emotional or physical violence. They also provide support for girls on the brink of entering the Juvenile Justice System.

For the adults

Life can be tough, but the roughest patches are encountered in adulthood. What is beautiful about the SistaSoSN is their ability and willingness to walk through rough terrains with you.

For the elderly

Elderly women are the most forgotten by society. The group reaches out to them to care for and enjoy a good conversation with them. The SistaSoSN also incorporates the elderly wisdom to proffer solutions to modern problems.


The SistaSoSN partner with other organizations, corporations, and local businesses. Partnerships ease our work and give us a better chance to succeed. They are open to joining hands to make a remarkable impact on society.


The SistaSoSN is particularly all-encompassing with its programs. The programs and events are meticulously tailored to address all issues troubling tweens, teens and at-risk youth in society and help them in becoming Thatgyrl who believes in herself.

The SistaSoSN Thatgyrl program includes:

  • Y.U.A.S.

Youth Under Adult Supervision is a program focused on the prevention and redirection of youth dropping out of school and/or entering the Juvenile Justice System. Through regular monitoring and documentation, such youth are prevented from playing into the stereotype.


While Y.U.A.S. focused on prevention, the Boomerang program targets those who are already in the Juvenile Justice System. With proper guidance and counseling, the SistaSoSN helps put them back on the right track and towards a better life.

  • I AM ME

This program encourages young girls to connect with their identity, talent, and culture. Through heart-to-heart mentorship and community interaction, I Am Me allows girls to recognize their beauty and unleash their black girl magic.


Kya's room is a judgment-free zone where young girls can express themselves, share experiences, engage in peer-to-peer conversation, receive feedback and advice on common issues, and learn. The room offers an opportunity for an informative girl talk on contemporary topics.

Women’s Program:

  • A Conversation With My Sistas

This program provides women with an opportunity to voice their heart content without fear or favor. To just say it as it is to other women who can relate. An honest conversation centered on healing from emotional and physical traumas.

National Domestic Violence Hotline 1-800-799-SAFE (7233)

1 in 3 women in the United States have experienced some form of physical violence by an intimate partner. The State of Nevada ranking 4th (2017) in femicides with 43.8% of women experiencing physical, sexual and/or stalking violence by intimate partner, in their lifetime. Domestic violence victims in our community have reached out to SistaSoSN to escape their abuser. With limited funding, we were able to secure these women and children with shelter and the resources to aid them in the recovery process.

Although these programs have addressed several issues, the SistaSoSN will appreciate your kind donations to further develop and increase their impact.

We Are Our Village”

In Conclusion

The SistaSoSN has moved from an online hangout to a community built on the spirit of sistahood.

With more than 3,000 members, this sister circle is continuously growing and reaching young girls and women from every corner of the world.

The nonprofit organization has achieved so much within a short period, and with limited resources. They are open to building partnerships and receiving donations and sponsorships to further their organization's mission.

Feel free to connect with the sisters on

To make a kind donation visit:


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