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4 Easy Steps To Manifest A Dream Relationship

Updated: Sep 5, 2022

And Change Your Life For The Better

Have you heard about the Law of Attraction? Before you go there, it wasn't written by Einstein.

With all the faults in it, our universe actually works for us. A decent amount of force in the universe is pulling you towards the best you could ever imagine. You just have to manifest it!

Out there, there is no shortage of good people to have an honest connection with, again, the universe is sending them towards you. You just have to open the door for them to walk in.

What is the Law of Attraction?

Simply, this philosophical law is based on the belief that your thoughts could influence every event that happens in your life.

So, when you are all about positivity, the Universe works in incredible ways to send good things your way.

Imagine the entire Universe working every day for you. Like a good Secretary who screens all calls, emails, and memos then forward ONLY what is desired.

Oprah Winfrey believes in this Law of Attraction. In fact, she associates her remarkable success with the Law of Attraction.

Once she figured out how the Law works, she discovered an inner strength that continuously fueled her memorable life, both on and off TV.

So Oprah preaches to people to tap from the unlimited and free resources of the Universe.

In her own words "the way you think, creates reality for yourself".

Now that we know about the Law, the question is, how do you channel it to your relationship.

How to manifest a dream relationship.

The people we connect with influence a lot of aspects of our lives. On the list of things worth manifesting, relationships are sitting on top of that list.

Yes, you could, and probably should employ the Universe to get your dream relationship.

It doesn't matter whether you are starting a new connection, improving an ongoing relationship, or bringing an old one back to life. Just manifest it!

We have formulated these four easy steps to follow. Let's go!

Set Your Goal:

Set a custom-made standard for yourself. Be clear about what you want from the relationship from the beginning.

Create a plan for it. You may want to write it down somewhere so that you could easily go back to it and make appropriate adjustments.

While setting up your goal, make sure you list out all the details, leaving nothing out. Remember, you are about to recruit the Universe to work it for you.

Setting up a goal gives you control over what happens next.

Envision It:

You have set up your standards, now let your mind visualize it.

With your mind's eye, see yourself deep in the relationship of your dream. See yourself well connected with your partner, doing things that excite you.

Envision yourself traveling the world, sharing a good meal, curled up for a favorite TV show, or just waking up right next to your partner.

To help with visualization, be expressive about your future relationship. Talk about it with people you are comfortable with. Write it on some pages if you prefer keeping it a secret. But do let it out in the open.

Let your mind be consumed by it. Think it. Believe it. Live it.

Once you get your mind to accommodate this idea, it will refine your search and continuously shape up your thoughts towards your goal.

While your mind is building up the idea and subconsciously feeding you information, it is time to readjust.

Make Adjustments:

Your goals are achievable. Your mind has seen it happening. Now brace yourself for it.

They say for an opportunity to knock on your door, you must build one.

If there are resistances around you, let them go. Give a decent room for what's about to find you.

Briefly, have you heard a story of the young man that kept on telling his mom how he was going to buy a new car?

"Mom, I'm buying a new car soon," he would say.

Even though he had the money for it, his Mom kept on telling him he wasn't ready to get a new car.

A day came and she answered "Yes, now you are ready. Now that you have gotten rid of the old one"

You have got to adjust and readjust to prepare for a new experience. Remove all impediments. Let it find you.

Open Up:

Many people struggle with this stage. But you will overcome its challenges. We got you!

Your positivity and dedication tell the Universe you are ready for a surprise!

Now, you must be prepared for the surprise.

We call it a surprise because it is wrapped in a different package from what you thought. It might not be labeled exactly as you set it in your goal.

Be flexible. The best version of love is the type we find in unexpected places. Don't be rigid about it.

Take a chance, go out of your way. Trust the Universe to scan, screen, and serve you a package full of wonderful surprises.

To Wrap It All Up

The Law of Attraction has worked for many people including some of the most influential personalities of our time.

It all starts from within. Set a specific goal that suits your standard, see yourself achieving that goal. Don't worry about the how for now.

Allow only positivity to have a place in your thoughts. Let your thoughts inspire positive change in you.

When the Universe sees that you are ready, it will screen the 7 billion people on Earth and send you just the right person.

P.S. You have to be open to receive your surprise!


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